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Steel Chimneys - Gas Turbine Exhaust Stacks

We are a global leader in the design, supply and installation of gas turbine exhaust systems, including stacks, ductwork, acoustic silencing and ancillary equipment.

Gas turbine equipment is expected to handle extreme temperatures, turbulent flow conditions, highly variable internal pressures and vibration, cyclical loading and varying external loads from wind and seismic conditions. The equipment is required to meet precise sound attenuation and pressure drop criteria, which can present unique design challenges.

Our specialized team of engineers provide a superior design to ensure acoustic performance, thermo-mechanical efficiency, reduced life-cycle maintenance, and overall longevity of the system. Our in-house construction team provides valuable insight to ensure a cost-effective system to minimize installation time and costs.

Products & Services:

  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Stacks & Ductwork
  • Acoustic Silencing Systems
  • Exhaust Diffusers, Plenums and expansion joints
  • By-Pass Stacks with Integrated Diverters
    (for Combined Cycle use)
  • Inlet Ductwork and Plenums
  • Maintenance & Replacement of OEM equipment
  • Inspection Services
  • Installation & Demolition

Inlet & Exhaust Silencers

One of the most important features of a gas turbine exhaust system is the acoustic silencer. The exhaust silencers often dictate the design of the exhaust system to meet precise sound attenuation criteria. Our team of engineers, consultants, fabricators and in-house construction allows us to provide our clients with a specialized turnkey solution for these complex systems.

Gas Turbine Exhaust Stack Silencer
Gas Turbine Exhaust Stack
Gas Turbine Exhaust Steel Stack