Industrial Linings



Fireproofing is a method of protection designed to increase the fire resistance of structures.  It provides additional protection, allowing time to fight a fire, to shut off the fuel supply, and to shutdown the entire process. As a result, overall damage is minimized.  We have the expertise and experience in providing fireproofing solutions for all systems and existing technologies. Our solutions protect a wide variety of equipment including structural steel, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pipe supports, LPG spheres and bullets, valves and cable trays.

The decision to fireproof is driven by a risk-based analysis. One needs to first consider the nature of the fire threat and then make an appropriate assessment of the required period of fire endurance.


  • Rockwool and Cement-Vermiculite:
    - Sprayfiber-V: structure protection for the refining and petrochemical sectors
    - Sprayfiber-F: structure protection for the building and civil works sectors
    Sprayfiber-T: projected thermal insulation for the building and civil works sectors
  • Calcium Silicate Boards
  • Intumescent and Ablative products
  • Fire Blankets
  • Structural Steel Protection
  • Enclosures

Industries & Areas of Expertise:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Traffic Tunnel Construction
  • Power
  • Waste to Energy
Structural Fireproofing