Tall Structures

Steel Chimneys - Design & Engineering


Steel stacks are among some of the tallest and most unique wind sensitive structures on Earth. They must be designed to survive maximum hurricane wind loads, severe dynamic vibration modes, and wind turbulence created by the wake from adjacent structures. Survival in active seismic regions and exposure to extreme ambient conditions are also critical parameters which must be evaluated in our external loading design analysis.

Having developed the most advanced analytical modeling capability for stack design in the industry, our engineers are committed to achieving ideal design solutions for all of your stack & chimney projects.

Important Design Considerations

  • Operating Conditions
  • Wind Loads
  • Seismic Events
  • Construction Materials
  • Rigging & Heavy Lifts
  • Safety Considerations

Affiliations & Representation:

  • ACI-307 Committee Member
  • CICIND Member
  • ASME STS-1 CDI Steel Stack Design Code
  • ASCE Member
  • AISC Member
  • AWS Member