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Mantis Demolition System


The MANTIS is a patented concrete chimney demolition system that has been proven extremely effective for the demolition of concrete chimneys ranging in height from 200 feet to 835 feet.

ICC Commonwealth’s creative and innovative in-house engineering staff was tasked with the development of a remotely operated machine that is both adaptive and flexible enough to overcome the dynamics of industrial reinforced concrete chimney and silo designs.

The outcome was the development of the MANTIS demolition system; a system that combines and adapts components with custom fabrication consisting of an adjustable structural steel chassis designed to support its weight and loads during chimney demolition and a manufactured Hydraulic Demolition Robot with a concrete breaking attachment.

Mantis Demolition


The MANTIS is designed as a user-friendly demolition machine, utilizing remote control functions by an operator that is independent of the machine on an engineered movable scaffolding system that encompasses the entire diameter of the chimney, allowing for the operator and crew 360° of access while maintaining a safe distance from demolition operations. Remote operations also eliminates’ the need of the demolition crew from physically using a vibratory tool to perform their day-to-day functions reducing, or even eliminating, HAVS.  The system also reduces silica expo exposure for the workers.


  • Maximum Safety
  • Minimum Time On Site
  • Efficient & Economical
  • Minimum Worker Fatigue
  • Reduces Silica Exposure
  • Decreases Number of Concrete Slabs to be Processed
  • Reduces Crew Size
  • Automatic Water Misting Systems at Work Area
Mantis Demolition System