Demolition Services

Steel Structure Demolition

ICC Commonwealth has been responsible for the demolition of dozens of steel stacks. When a steel stack becomes severely deteriorated it must be taken down and replaced, if required. Often the plant must remain in operation while the demolition work occurs. When this is the case we can supply and install a temporary or bypass stack system which requires a very short shutdown period, sometimes in the matter of only a few hours.

Demolition Services

  • Stack Demolition & Removal
  • New Stack Design, Fabrication & Installation
  • Ductwork Removal & New Installation
  • Temporary Stacks & Bypass Systems
  • Debris Removal & Disposal


Types of Steel Structures:

  • Steel Stacks
  • Steel Liners
  • Ductwork
  • Structural Steel
  • FRP Stacks
Steel Chimney Demolition
Steel Stack Demolition