Demolition Services

Specialty Services


In addition to traditional demolition services, ICC Commonwealth offers specific services for chimneys and smokestacks that are no longer in operation. If these structures are left dormant and neglected, they can become unsafe and pose as a hazard to personnel and other structures and equipment inside the plant or facility.

ICC Commonwealth assists our customers to carefully develop plans and carry out the work in phases including performance of inspections, maintenance programs, repairs, modifications, and demolition. All activities are delivered in accordance with the highest levels of safety and can often be performed while the plant is still in operation.


  • Pre Demolition Inspection
  • Coating Sampling for ACM & Lead
  • Chimney & Stack Demolition
  • Select Separation of Contaminated Debris
  • Disposal of Demolition Debris
  • Liner Removal
  • Column Demolition
  • Capping of Ductwork
  • Chimney Covers
  • Equipment & Machinery Strip-Out/Removal
  • ACM, Lead, PCB Coating Removal & Disposal
  • Bypass Stacks & Temporary Stacks

Types of Facilities/Plants

  • Power/Utility
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Paper/pulp
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
demolition specialty services
demolition specialty services
specialty demolition services