Tall Structures

Steel Chimneys - Repairs & Maintenance


We are the leader in the repair, maintenance and retrofit of deteriorated and damaged stacks and chimneys. We have developed a detailed program for classifying and categorizing maintenance and repairs. This program is individually applied to specific structures and tailored to each client by using a set of criteria developed by our team. This method allows us to provide our clients with efficient, cost-effective solutions that are well planned and properly executed. Life-cycle planning and cost/benefit analysis are factors we consider prior to recommending any repair or developing a maintenance program.

Our experienced crews, using highly specialized equipment, repair chimneys and linings of all materials including but not limited to steel, brick, concrete, and FRP.

Repair & Maintenance Services include:

  • Temporary Stacks & Bypass Systems
  • Linings & Internal Coatings
  • Lightning Protection Systems (LPS)
  • Electrical Systems
  • Ductwork Construction & Repair
  • Emissions Monitoring (Test Ports & Monorails)
  • Access Systems (Platforms & Ladders)
  • High Pressure Washdowns

Steel Chimneys - Inspections


Regular inspections of power plant equipment play an important role in identifying potential maintenance and repair issues, and are key to performing repairs in a cost effective and timely manner. Inspections and maintenance are critical to the equipment as well as the safety of your plant personnel, as neglect may lead to severe deterioration and equipment failure.

Our experienced team of engineers and skilled construction experts have developed detailed inspection and maintenance programs for all types of stacks and chimneys. We’re able to evaluate the current condition of the structure to determine if the life of the stack can be extended, modified and utilized for another purpose, or if it needs to be demolished.

What We Inspect:

  • Steel Stacks
  • Concrete Chimneys
  • Cooling Towers
  • Solar Towers
  • Other Associated Equipment


In addition to traditional stack inspection methods, we offer state of the art inspection techniques and services.

Hot Camera

This method allows internal inspections to be completed while a unit is online, or when conditions are too hazardous or dangerous for personnel. The system is comprised of digital cameras which are enclosed and protected inside a thermally balanced housing which can take still photographs and HD quality video.

Steel Chimney Inspection Services

Thermographic Inspection

Thermal imaging works by detecting the heat signature being radiated by objects, and requires absolutely zero light. Since thermal imagers only look at heat, they are totally unaffected by light sources. Thermography is beneficial by reducing unscheduled outages, detecting problem areas more quickly without interrupting service, and allowing facilities to assess priorities for corrective action. This system also keeps the user out of danger, especially with live components that cannot be touched. Thermography does not intrude upon or affect the structure.