Industrial Linings

Ceramic Welding


One of the key concerns for the operating plant managers is shutdown time. Your furnace should operate continuously and for as long as possible.  We provide customers with a wide range of applications to ensure minimum downtime and production losses, while providing extended life to your furnace. Our philosophy is to work closely with our customers to identify the optimal furnace operation and create a customized procedure to execute the works.


A mixture of ceramic and metallic particles is projected with oxygen onto a hot refractory substrate. The exothermic reaction at the point of impact melts the projected powder and the refractory surface creating a ceramic bond. The resulting weld has characteristics similar to the original refractory brickwork, a close approximation of the physical, chemical and mineralogical aspects is achieved.

Our Service Package:

  • Inspection
  • Ceramic Welding
  • External Hot Repairs
  • Opening and Closing of Regenerators and Furnaces
  • Furnace Inspections
  • Refractory Cutting
  • Regenerator Cleaning
  • Design and Placing Anchor System for Refractory Stabilization
  • Drilling Work / O2 Burning System for Drilling Brickwork
  • Furnace Inspections & Reporting
  • Cleaning with Burner-Lances
  • Placing Anchors for Refractory Stabilization
  • Bottom Drilling of Operating Glass Tanks
Ceramic Welding Linings

Customer Benefits:

  • Minimum Downtime and Production Losses
  • Extended Furnace Life
  • Optimal Furnace Operation
  • Innovative Technology & Equipment
  • Superior, Durable Quality
  • Long-Term Solutions
  • Competitive Pricing

Equipment & Materials:

  • All equipment is manufactured to our proprietary design in-house
  • Powder is manufactured to our proprietary formula and specifications
  • Cleaning Materials
  • Laboratory located at the production plant