Tall Structures

Cooling Towers - Design & Construction


Our involvement with cooling towers began in 1931 with the construction of a tower in the United Kingdom, and since 1965 the group has built all of the new towers in that country. Most recently we built a 180m high tower for a new power station in Belchatow, Poland, and two new 185m towers for a power station in Opole, Poland. Our team of engineers have experience in constructing both dry and wet cooling towers and in the packing of the cooling elements inside the towers.


Besides the structural design of the tower, expertise is required for use of the access system. We have developed hydraulic climbing equipment that provides two complete levels of walkways around the tower both, internally and externally. The system has been improved over many years and allows the construction team to produce one complete lift of 1.5m height every working day. This access system facilitates the concreting of the shell walls and still today the system is one of only three that are being used around the world.


  • Structural Engineering & Detailed Design
  • Project Execution & Planning
  • Project Management & Supervision
  • Provision of Materials & Special Equipment
    - Concrete Shell Construction
    - Fill Assembly & Installation
    - Distribution Piping
    - Fans & Heat Exchanger Bundles
  • Inspections
  • Repairs & Upgrades
  • Partial and Complete Demolition
  • Solutions in Emergency Situations