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Cooling Towers - Inspections, Repairs & Demolitions


Large reinforced concrete cooling towers have been used extensively in the power industry for decades. Due to age, process and environmental conditions, reinforcement within their relatively thin concrete shell experiences corrosion, leading to spalling and other damaging effects.

We utilize our extensive knowledge and experience with rigging, inspecting, and repairing tall concrete structures to provide similar solutions for these massive towers. Due to the sheer volume of surface area, we can implement an inspection program that includes visual examination, topographical measurements and surface mapping of the interior and exterior of the shell.

With the advent of advancing technology, systems such as cathodic protection can be introduced to control corrosion-related problems, which helps reduce structural failure events that can result in lost power generation, high repair costs, and/or personal injury.

Cooling Towers Inspections

Access Equipment

We’ve developed special equipment to access all areas of the cooling tower’s unique shape, both interior and exterior surfaces, including the tower’s supporting columns. There is virtually no area of a cooling tower that cannot be accessed and repaired utilizing combinations of this specialty access equipment.