Tall Structures

Xcel Energy Cherokee Steel Chimney Stacks

Xcel Energy Cherokee  | Denver, Colorado - USA
Field Erection of (2) 200ft Tall Single Wall HRSG Steel Stacks

928MW Natural Gas Combined-Cycle Electric Generation


Kewit selected Commonwealth to provide field erection services for two 200 ft tall HRSG steel chimney stacks at Xcel Energy's Cherokee plant as part of their Combined Cycle Project.

Due to schedule constraints and congestion on the site, Commonwealth coordinated with Kiewit and onsite contractors to field erect the HRSG stacks on second shift, allowing the HRSG installation to be erected on first-shift.  

Originally a coal-fired power plant, Cherokee has since been converted to a natural gas combined cycle plant as part of Colorado's Clean Air Legislation.

  • (2) 200ft Tall Steel Stacks
  • Single Walled HRSG Stacks
  • 928MW Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plant
  • Field Erection Performed on Second-Shift
cherokee stacks