Gas & Combustion Systems

Design of Skids


We aim to improve efficiency in the development and construction of industrial facilities. Our capability to design these systems with modular (individual for easy transportation and site erection) prefabricated skids, allows us to assemble a complete system. This option achieves a reduction on local resources and site establishment needs. We have an extensive expertise designing and optimizing systems for industrial purposes through skids.

Scope of Supply:

  • Process Engineering
  • Elementary P&I Diagrams
  • Basic and Detail Engineering Including:
    -   Equipment Data Sheets
     -  Mechanical, Electrical & Civil Work Calculations and Drawings
     -  Stress and Test Calculations
    -  Mapping, Logic Control , Communication Links
    -  Quality Documents and Procedures
     -  HAZOP Studies
    -  Functional Description
  • Complete Construction of the Skids at Origin, Ready for Site Mechanical, Electrical and Control Assembly; FAT and Workshop Certifications


Skid Design
Skid Design
Skid Design
Skid Design


  • Applicable Sectors:

    • Oil & Gas Processes:
       -  Regulation Stations and Fiscal or Non-fiscal Measurement for
           Combustible Gases and Liquid Fuels
       -  Complete Fuel Loading System; Offshore and Onshore
      -  Gas Compression Stations
       -  Pressure Systems Using Pumps for Liquid Fuels, Liquefied Gases; LPG and LNG
       -  Liquefaction Plants for Natural Gas and Petroleum Gases
       -  Vaporization and Gasification Systems for Liquid Gases, LNG and LPG
       -  Valve Positions for Gas and Liquid Pipelines; Manual or Automatic
      -  Pig Traps for Pipelines, Senders and Receivers
    • Auxiliary Systems and Fluids
       -  Units for Drinking Water
       -  Units for Cold or Frozen Water
       -  Units for Hot Water
       -  Units for Superheated Water
       -  Units for Saturated Steam
       -  Units for Dry Steam
       -  Units for High Pressure Steam
       -  Units for Condensers