Tall Structures

Case Study - AEP Welsh Concrete Chimney

Welsh Generating Station (1 & 3)  Pittsburgh, Texas - USA
Design & Construction of a 531ft Reinforced Concrete Chimney & Steel Liners


Commonwealth designed and constructed a 531' tall x 63' outer diameter reinforced concrete chimney  to service the newly retrofitted units 1 and 3 to comply with an environmental deadline on contract from AEP.

Construction of the large diameter concrete shell was achieved by utilizing our jumpform system with a 12-post derrick.

Two steel liners, weighing approximately 589 tons total, were pre-assembled and stored for erection then were transported to the chimney and erected at the base.  Platforms, roof steel grillages, electrical. lightning protection, elevator and all other appurtenances were installed ahead of schedule and under budget.

  • AEP/SWEPCO's Retrofit Compliance Project
  • 531ft Tall x 63FT OD Chimney
  • Jumpform Construction
  • (2) Insulated Steel Liners
aep welsh chimney.jpg
AEP welsh chimney
AEP welsh chimney