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Case Study - Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse   Buxton, North Carolina - USA
Relocation & Restoration of Historic Landmark

Constructed in 1870, The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is a National Historic Landmark, and National Register property. Threatened by erosion of the nearby shoreline as well as by deterioration, the National Park Service commissioned the stabilization, restoration and relocation of the historic lighthouse.

The project required a complete assessment of the structure, and of the new and old sites. Work included material investigations, instrumentation, geotechnical investigation and improvement, surveying, site work, rigging, scaffolding, access design, masonry as well as stone restoration, and the fabrication of new replications of historic metals.

The relocation involved the use of a custom manufactured Unified Jacking Machine, and over one hundred 100-ton jacks.  The scope of work also included the clearing and cutting of nearly ten acres of move route and proposed new site in order to relocate the entire light station approximately ½ mile to its new location. Extensive dewatering and erosion control measures were implemented in order to construct a temporary roadbed over sand, and wetland with a water table just 4ft deep. The move road had to be capable of supporting the entire weight of the 4,800 ton Lighthouse.

The restoration was performed at a time when the Bonner Bridge was damaged and impassible. As a result, all equipment was initially mobilized via ground transportation and ferry.

Cape Hatteras Relocation Case Study
Cape Hatteras Relocation Case Study
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Relocation
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse  Restoration