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Developed to improve storage conditions, the building process of Dome technology is based on integrating waterproofing and insulation, guaranteed by a PVC membrane combined with the application of a polyurethane foam. The waterproofing of the dome is guaranteed by a PVC membrane that will create the initial forming and the exterior coating. Thermic insulation is guaranteed by the application of a layer of polyurethane foam on the entire inner surface of the dome.

We have acquired new expertise and technology for the design and construction of concrete dome storage structures, allowing us to offer a complete portfolio of bulk storage solutions for the agricultural, industrial, and terminals industries. Since 2018 DOMEPIRS technology from PIRS has been added to our portfolio to complete our range of products in the domain of storage structures.

With this new technology we can provide our customers with state of art storage systems. Our in-house team of dome structure specialists are responsible for building more than 150 projects around the globe including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Storage should not affect the original quality of the product being stored. Storage cannot improve the qualities of agricultural products, it can only maintain or deteriorate product quality. When the initial quality is good, it should also be good after a period of storage. Moisture is the worst enemy of many stored products.

The technology used for building storage is very important, as vapor drive exists. Concrete is not a vapor barrier and damaged seals in steel silo let the moisture or vapor pass. In such cases one can observe corn caking inside along the overlap of metal sheets, with colored kernels showing the penetration of moisture.

When product is stored in one of our domes humidity is kept at the original level as there is no water or moisture penetration.

Two waterproofing barriers are installed:

  • The membrane, which is inflated from the beginning, shows there is no leakage of air, so no water penetration is possible.
  • The polyurethane foam we use for thermal insulation is also used for roofing over concrete terraces. Furthermore, the vapor drive through our foam is very low as it has been installed for controlled atmosphere rooms.
Dome Technology
Dome Technology & Design


Domes are the ideal solution for the storage of bulk materials that are sensitive to temperature and humidity. The application of 5 cm +/- 0,5 cm of Vethane foam on the inner surface of the airform gives the dome the quality of being equivalent to a controlled atmosphere chamber. Our Vethane foam which is specially formulated to increase adhesiveness on the PVC membrane has a density of 55 kg/m3 and a lambda specification of 0,030 Watt after aging.

  • The dome structure guarantees the best level of preservation of the product stored even with extreme external conditions.
  • Domes are a completely sealed storage structure, allowing for better monitoring and dust emissions management.
  • The dome’s geometry allows a reduction of conveyor’s length and a simplification of the handling equipment. Domes can be filled through a simple opening on the top of the structure.
  • Reclaiming can be done by gravity or with mechanical/pneumatic systems. Reclaiming systems used within a dome allows a 98% reclaiming
  • The dome structure is considered the toughest structure with a lifetime up to 50 years. A dome can support very heavy top loads (700 tons). The structure is therefore very well accommodating for seismic and high wind areas.
  • Domes are cost efficient storage solutions, especially for high unit capacities. It requires mostly superficial foundations, avoiding piling and other expansive soil treatments.