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Case Study: Abengoa Solar PS-10

Thermosolar Power Plant, PS-10   Sanlucar La Mayor - Spain
Design & Construction of 114.5M Solar Tower

The Thermosolar Power Plant is the first plant in the world with central tower technology and heliostats. The plant consists of 624 heliostats which focus the solar beams on a central collector tower. The solar power is then transferred to water in receivers located inside the tower and transformed into steam, generating energy across a turbine. Each heliostat has a surface of approximately 121m2; being the total extension of the solar plant, approximately, 60 Has. Located inside the tower are a solar receiver consisting of four changeable panels, water tank in capping, a reheater, a degasser and several steam and water pipelines. We performed the entire turn-key civil work: from the architectural design, to the installation of the emergency lighting. 

With a nominal power of 11 MWe, the PS-10 tower produces approximately 24.2 GWh of power annually. The ingenuitive design has been recognized worldwide, appearing in publications such as Civil Engineering, Newsweek and US Today.

Construction of the PS-10 Solar Tower
PS10 Solar Power Tower