Demolition Services

Case Study: NRG Energy Mirant Dickerson

Mirant Dickerson Station  |  Dickerson, Maryland - USA
Demolition of Chimney Breeching Ductwork


We were awarded a contract for the removal of deteriorated ductwork connected to the Mirant Dickerson Station Unit #3 chimney. The duct serviced a 400ft high reinforced concrete chimney no longer in use.

The duct was located approximately 150ft from grade and bridged from the boiler house roof to the chimney shell. Due to the severity of the deterioration, support cables had to be installed to secure and stabilize the remaining structure before demolition could safely proceed.

The duct was demolished in a piecemeal fashion once secured. The area did not allow for crane access, nor could the demolition plan allow for large sections to be removed. As a result, demolition was completed utilizing hoists located at grade. Duct pieces were secured to a trolley line and safely transferred to grade where they were loaded into a dumpster.

The demolition was successfully executed on schedule by our experienced field crews. Due to our performance and competitive pricing, the plant awarded an identical project to us for chimney ductwork servicing their Unit #1/Unit #2 chimney the following year.

Duct Demo - Mirant Dickerson